Perception is key

Unique Darkness

The darkness exists in our minds. Because each mind is different, the darkness will be too. You cannot measure the darkness in someone else’s mind, and weigh it with your own. It is different. We each have our own scars, our own demons to face. Some in the form of money, some in blade, some in faces, some in alcohol. But, one thing is certain… they live in the mirror. It will be a different reflection for everyone. The mirror shows you what you are, but it is up to you to decide what you see in yourself.


Living in the “Now”

Don’t look back. Don’t look to what could have been, or what should have been. You aren’t going backwards, you will never be there again. Time is moving forward, so don’t turn your back on it. It’s a matter of moving with it. Otherwise you will be caught up in what once-was, you’ll end up far behind the “now”,¬†which is where you are. You will find yourself lost. You’ll never be who/what you once were. You have new scars, new memories, new chances. Realize who you are. Now. Here. In this moment. Focus on being the best new you, you can be. Because what already passed, cannot be regained.

Seeing Entirety

You are not fat. You have fat, but you are not fat… You have hair, that doesn’t make you hair. You are made of so much more:

  • Your hands
  • Your heart
  • Your mind
  • Your personality

(To name a few)

Don’t blind yourself by blocking out everything other than the fat, take all of yourself into consideration when looking in the mirror.

Hands were made to create.

Hearts were made to share.

Minds were made to explore possibilities.

Personalities are to make you unique. 


You are so much more then you know.